About Move For Life


Move For Life (MFL) is a platform where organisations, local authorities, charities, schools and more can talk about and promote the work they are doing to help decrease the issues and numbers of gang related crime. MFL provides a online resource, where those working in the youth arena can not only talk about the problems, but also share solutions and ideas to tackle this incredibly important  issue.

MFL's news hub wants to report on the hard work and dedication that is taking place around the capital and show everyone what is already being achieved.

MFL also gives young people from across London a single site where they can find out about leisure activities taking place in their local area. The comprehensive directory lists everything from sports teams and leisure centres to after school clubs and charity events; there is something for all interests.


MFL was set up to try and tackle the problems in London around gang related violence and criminal activity. Many studies show that gang membership results in an increase in crime and an increased propensity for violence and weapon use[1], recent figures found gang members carry out half of all shootings in the capital and 22% of all serious violence[2].

Many of the reports highlighted how important it is to try and prevent young people from becoming involved in gangs in the first place.

The founder of MFL, Gary Halkyard, believes one of the many ways this could be achieved is by giving children an alternative activity, whether this is joining a local sports team or taking up a hobby, anything that takes them off the street. However he realised it was difficult to find this information without spending hours searching for it, so he therefore set up Move for Life to provide a one-stop shop for everyone. Gary hopes that by offering a site where everyone can work collaboratively we can take a stronger stance against gang related crime.

[1] Home Office (2013) Ending Gang and Youth Violence: Annual Report 2013. London: Home Office.

[2] https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/2010-to-2015-government-policy-knife-gun-and-gang-crime/2010-to-2015-government-policy-knife-gun-and-gang-crime


MFL has spent a long time collating this directory of  London's sports and social activities. The charity is always working to ensure the information is accurate and up to date.

If you would like to add anything, tell us about something new or have your event or activity included please email info@moveforlife.co.uk.

Alternatively if you are an individual or a company who would like to volunteer or support MFL please get in touch.


Gary Halkyard set up MFL in 2010 after becoming concerned at the increasing levels of gang related violence in his home city of London. He wants MFL to become a positive force that will help young people transform their lives. He hopes by making it easy to find out about sporting and social activities a child is less likely to turn to a life of crime and violence.

Gary himself is an example of this, he grew up on an estate in Hackney where gang violence was rife. Instead of getting involved, Gary became interested in dance, he then trained as a carpenter and joiner before  moving into property development.

He has since assisted with a number of community building projects including schools and is a passionate supporter of a number of dance organisations including The Barbican, Dance Umbrella, English National Ballet and One Dance UK. He has also helped raise money for charity by undertaking numerous cycling challenges.

MFL is currently a small team of volunteers working out of East London.