Breaking the Cycle – St Giles Trust

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St Giles Trust
SOS Project

Now London’s largest gangs intervention project, this multiple award-winning service offers intensive support to young offenders to help them break free from gangs and weapons crime. It offers a tailored package of support for each young person to help them identify and realise alternative aspirations and goals. It also works with young people at risk of getting involved in the criminal justice system. SOS aims to help make the communities in which it works a safer place for everyone. Gang crime has consequences beyond those directly involved. By supporting those young people who are the benefits are considerable, including reductions in weapons crime and innocent victims.

“For me, this opportunity has helped change my mindframe and thinking. If I hadn’t had it, there is a possibility I might have gone back to my old lifestyle. It’s also had a benefit on my partner and three children. They know I’m coming home now.” – Verrell, former SOS client who progressed to become SOS Caseworker 

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