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Peer Advisor Programme

Where – in prisons and in the community

Training people with experience of the issues facing our clients to offer professional, highly credible services is at the heart of our approach. Our Peer Advisor Programme offers ex-offenders and other disadvantaged people the opportunity to become professionally trained and progress into employment, whilst also supporting others to move their lives forward. It provides training towards the Level 3 Advice and Guidance qualification. By using this mix of first-hand insights coupled with specialist training, we are able to provide a service which reaches some of the most disadvantaged, needy people often not engaged in or excluded from other services.

As well as the Level 3 qualification the programme offers:

  • on the job training,
  • regular monitoring and supervision,
  • professional training in a range of areas,
  • a one-to-one session with a specialist in disclosure,
  • involvement in our Peer Advisor User Group,
  • access to employment opportunities and support to move into paid employment

Our Peer Advisor Programme underpins all of our work and is at the heart of how we deliver services. Many of the people we train on it support our services through volunteering and some progress to become caseworkers once they are fully qualified. After a lengthy sentence, Angelina trained as a Peer Advisor and initially worked as a volunteer caseworker at St Giles Trust. She has now progressed to become a Drugs and Alcohol Support Worker at a charity. Here is what she says about her experiences:

“I did the Level 3 through the Peer Advisor Programme and it gave me the stepping stone I needed to move forward and gain direction in my life. I know I’ve done well but I’ve come out of prison and it’s been just go. It’s still early days but I definitely feel like I’m part of society. I get up and go to work.”

Find out more about our Peer Advisor Programme by watching The Hard Cell – a short film about peer advice.

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